Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have found the cutest thing! It is called 'Play Pizza Restaurant in a Box'. I absolutely must make this! I can use it for babysitting (I think I might play with it more than the kids). I can also use it for when I am with my cousins because 3/5 are quite little and would have a blast with this. Be sure to check out the blog I linked to for more adorable crafts.

Do you have any crafts that are good for little kids? I need babysitting ideas! I want something unique that no other babysitter would do.

I am so glad I found this Etsy shop! I just love to go through and read all of the hilarious jokes. The one I linked to is one of my personal favorites, I would've linked to a Harry Potter pin but I didn't in case any anti-Potters are reading this (sure hope not). I have not bought  anything but plan to buy a whole bunch as soon as I can decide which ones! Hope you get as much of a kick out of this as I do.

One last thing. I do not mind at all if anyone links to me, just please let me know so I can go see your post. Bye y'all!
P.S. Don't be surprised if I make little changes around here to accomadate the changing seasons.

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  1. I love that felt pizza craft! That would be perfect for babysitting, it looks like a lot of fun! I have lots of babysitting ideas for you, so I'll put together a list and email it to you sometime.


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