Friday, November 11, 2011

New Book!!!

Hello lovelies!
Okay, have you ever been recommended a book, read it, and the worst day ever was when you finished one book and had to wait a day to get the next one from the library or a friend? Well I read a book like that called ERAGON. Have you read it? If not you should. That applies to you too like-giselle, I know your brother read it but you should too. The next few sentences are for Jordan. By the way the third book is called BRISINGR, Bejeweled is a game. Please just borrow Eragon from Nik. Read it and if you hate it then you don't have to read the other three. Now to everyone, I thought it was funny that while I was typing this and correcting my spelling mistakes, they tried to turn Eragon in to dragon. The reason that is funny, to those who have never read Christopher Paolini's books, is because Eragon is the main character and he is a dragon rider! I just got this book last night and love it. It came out on the 8th, but I didn't get it right away because I didn't have a chance to go buy it. Please visit this website!

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