Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Off!

No school today! Today has been pretty lazy and not very exciting. I have been hunting though. Hunting for the flute part of the Panem Anthem (reading Hunger Games) online but can't find it anywhere! If anyone can find the sheet music , I repeat, for the flute then please send me the link. And preferably free. I love playing nerdy music, I have some Harry Potter music that I love to play. But, I really, really, really, really want to find this!I love/ hate Peeta right now. He's awesome, but he's playing games within the  game.  Anyway, I made something today!
Aren't these cute? I absolutely love how simple the tutorial was (found via howaboutorange). Anyone can make them! I am planning on making like a million of them and putting them everywhere.

Here is my story of why I'm not enrolled at Hogwarts: my letter came right after I enrolled at my regular school and so I take classes there over the summer. I apparate and stay there during the week and then apparate back home to enjoy the beach! Us kids that go over the summer aren't sorted because there aren't enough people and so we are one house.

Avoir un bel après-midi!
Hunger Games heureux! Et peut-être jamais la chance en votre faveur!

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  1. I love that heart garland! I think I'm going to make a mini heart garland and then string it in my locker. The year's already half over and I haven't decorated it at all!

    HOW DO YOU APPARATE? You're not of age yet. Even I'm not, at least for another 2 months.

    J'aime la citation que tu Hunger Games s'est faufilé à la fin.


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