Monday, May 28, 2012


You may remember me mentioning going to Jupiter in my last post. I thought  I would share the details of my trip with you.
I woke up early Sunday morning and finished my packing. I met my friend at the spaceship airport and we blasted off. The trip was agonizingly long, it took about two hours. The scenery along the way was very boring, just a bunch of bright stars and a black hole or two. When we finally arrived I was astounded by the breathtaking landscape. I was so glad I brought my camera! Here is a picture I took:
Isn't it cool. I took this picture right before we landed!

Okay, I didn't really go to Jupiter
(I didn't take the picture either). I did go to Kitty Hawk though! If you don't know where Kitty Hawk is, it is in the Outer banks which is in North Carolina. We camped at a really cool place. It is just a big field and you set up a tent. It isn't real camping (according to my dad) because we weren't out in the middle of nowhere and we went to a resturant for dinner. It was still camping though because we slept in a tent and made s'mores aroung a campfire with a bunch of bikers we didn't know. We spent some time at the beach and watched the sunset on the water. It was a great experience.

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