Saturday, June 16, 2012

The French Fishtail

Lately I've noticed something. Braids of all kinds are rapidly gaining popularity. I am a big fan of braids, so naturally I am super excited. Everyone has heard of the french braid, right? About two years ago my cousin introduced me to the now trendy fishtail braid. I love both, so I decided to try to combine the two (like caramel and sea salt). Now I'm sure I am not the only person on the planet that has thought of trying this, but I am one of those people who would rather make it up as I go than follow someone else's tutorial. I experimented with this and found it to be fairly easy and very pretty!

Here's how:
1. First you take some hair, like you are starting a french braid. Instead of splitting it into three sections put it in two.
2. Take a small piece of hair from below the section already in your hands. Put it over the nearest of the two pieces and under the other (like a fishtail).
3. Repeat on the other side. Continue this until you run out of pieces to add (kind of like a french braid). It should look something like this.
4. Now all you have to do is fishtail braid the rest. If you don't know how then I suggest you learn. There are all kinds of tutorials on the Internet (I have some on my Pinterest).
As you can see, this braid is pretty much a french braid, just using the fishtail technique. If you want to I'm sure you can find lots of uses for this.

In other news I am in a super great mood (even though my mom just almost incinerated the brownies I made last night) because yesterday was my last day of school (for this year anyway)! I am so glad to be done. Now I can just relax and go to the beach all the time. Also, on Monday I'm going to Universal Studios in Florida! My family (including my cousin) and I are all going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park! I am so excited and I promise to take lots of pictures! If you are a student and you are enjoying your summer break so far then good for you.

Thank you Mom for the use of your head to experiment and demonstrate on.

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