Monday, May 21, 2012

This Week's News

Hectic week? Yes! It has been crazy since my last post. On Friday I had the first of my standardized tests for school and it took me somewhere around 4 and a half hours to complete. I was busy before that, studying.
Over the weekend I stayed very busy! If you have checked out my DIY pinterest board then you might have seen a tutorial for a watermark tee. This is a really cool project and I suggest you do it. Last year I did a project in art class where I dyed a piece of fabric using the batik method. I applied a dye-resist (in that case hot wax) to the fabric and dyed it. The dying begins with the lightest color and you apply more wax after every dye bath to preserve colors, then you remove the wax. The watermark tee is similar, you apply a dye resist then soak briefly in a dye bath. All you need is a white article of clothing, dye, and blue gel Elmer's glue.

Here is my finished product.
You may notice that there is a lot of waiting around in the original tutorial. I have some ways to shave off some time. First of all, don't wet the whole article of clothing, just dampen vaguely the place you will apply glue. Second, Use a blow dryer to dry the fabric and the glue (this will take a while but still less than if you let it air dry). Third (and I have no proof that this doesn't lighten the dye color a little), after dyeing and letting the fabric dry, just throw it straight in the washer. With tip three I would suggest that you wash it alone or with similar colors.

I did some other crafty projects over the weekend, but they still need the finishing touches. I made a stuffed squirrel out of a glove and I taught myself the basics of crocheting. Pictures of those will be coming soon!

-Wishing you a super Slytherin awesome day

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  1. That is so cute!!!! You've gotta teach me how to do that this summer!

    Yay! You're learning how to crochet! I can help you more when we come visit! :)


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