Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Post- Maine Confusion Post

As you know I went on an exciting trip to Maine for ten days. I have been back for a while now and realized that you haven't gotten to see any of my pictures! You see, lately my camera has not been working. (If anyone knows how to repair a Nikon Coolpix S220 that has a "lens error" please email me!) I can't take any new blog-worthy pictures! So, for now I decided to share with you the ones I have already taken and edited.
Isn't this Queen Anne's Lace simply lovely? It is one of my favorite flowers. I had never seen one before my trip. We don't really have those down in Virginia Beach. They grow everywhere up in Maine though! In fields (like this one), in gardens, and even just on the side of the road. There are also a lot of Black Eyed Susans. During my trip I witnessed a lot of plant life and wildlife (we even saw a moose).
Isn' this cabin cute? This isn't the one we stayed in, but we used their dock a lot. One of my best friends has extended family that owns some lakeside cabins up by Mt. Vernon, Maine. This is one of them. Her Mom's cousin was staying in this one that he owns and he allowed us to use his dock and lake. Our cabin was on a stream leading to the lake. We did a lot of tubing and lake swimming. I was so much fun! Especially because I was with two great friends.

The cause of my confusion is that the summer is close to being over! The time has just flown by faster than I could count the moments. As they say in France: Ne buvez pas l'eau du lac.

- Enjoy the rest of your summer while it lasts!


  1. How did you edit your pictures? They look so pretty and vintagey!

    Your Maine trip sounds like so much fun!! I love those flowers! ♥

  2. I used the editor I normally use and just played around with the different effects. It is: picmonkey.com


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