Wednesday, August 1, 2012

♥Guest Post: Cupcake Celebration♥

Hello everyone! It's Jordan, from the blog Stellaire.  I'm doing a guest post today for Jade because she is off on an adventure in Maine with her friends. But this isn't just a normal guest post, we're celebrating the one year anniversary of Teacup Monster! And you can't have a celebration without cupcakes, so today I'll be giving you a tutorial on how to make your own clay cupcake charm so you can celebrate too!

All you'll need is:
-Clay (I used Sculpey)
-Liquid sculpey
-An eyepin
-Chalk Pastels (optional)

For the top of the cupcake, make a dome shape out of a dough colored clay. (To get a dough color, I mixed tan and white, and a little bit of orange and yellow). For the base of the cupcake, use any color you want and make a cylinder that is slightly tapered at the end.

To make the cupcake a little more realistic, you'll need to do some texturing. I used a ball of foil for the cupcake top and brushed on some chalk pastels to make it look baked. For the base, I used the lid of a waterbottle and rolled it around the sides. Attach the cupcake to the base using liquid sculpey.

To make frosting, cut up tiny pieces of clay in a color of your choice and mix with liquid sculpey. Mash up the clay with a toothpick so it all breaks down. Warning: this takes a lot longer than you think it will. I reccomend putting on some good music while you're doing it.

Then decorate your cupcake! I topped mine off with a little cherry. Insert an eyepin and bake according to the instructions on your package of clay.

Paint it with a varnish (I used Triple Thick) and you're finished! Now you have an adorable mini cupcake charm!

Perfect to give as a gift! Make lots and give them to your friends. Attach them to keychains or necklaces or bracelets, or give them as is. I hope you all have fun making your cupcake charms! Keep reading Teacup Monster for another year of wonderfulness!



  1. Thanks so much for doing this Jordan!
    -lotsa love,jade

  2. I made one (after all I do need to make sure I have tested anything on my blog) and /it is adorable! I did a few substitutions (lack of materials)though. Instead of icing made of liquid sculpey and sculpey I used elmers blue gel glue and acrylic paint.Instead of chalk pastel I used eyeshadow. Instead of an eyepin I used a staple. All of these worked but I had to experiment a bit.

  3. Glad you think so. You have Jordan of stellaire to thank for this one.

  4. Hi can we private message on this ?


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